Review of The Veggie Grill

81 Fortune Rd, Irvine, CA 92618

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Have visited twice. Great, friendly people work here. First time I went for dinner I explained my severe intolerance to gluten, and the manager was very patient, understood the Celiac and cross contam thing, and we were given red carpet treatment. Got the Baja Salad with tempeh and it was DELISH. Second time in for dinner, I explained I'm very sensitive to cross contamination, any gluten, and asked if they could make our food separately so we wouldn't get any flour/wheat in our food. "No problem." When I get the "we've got this" attitude, I know I'm in trouble. But, I trusted. And again got the Baja Salad with tempeh. So did my gluten free daughter. Well, much NOT to my surprise, I got a stomach ache about two hours later, and so did my daughter. The low grade kind that doesn't go away until you go to sleep. The nervous "butterflies in your stomach" feeling. I know this was a cross contamination stomach ache, because I did not have an immediate GI reaction. But the low grade achy feeling in my stomach that night made me really regret eating there this time. The salad was good (not great) but the tempeh is delicious. And the GF Mac n Cheese side dish is awesome. But, as I certainly know, it's really not GF if the kitchen isn't going to keep it away from other non-GF food.

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Updated 8 years ago