Tre Trattoria

Review by Kimberly

4003 Broadway Street, San Antonio, TX 78209
5 months ago
Not celiac friendly

They used to have fresh, house-made gluten-free pasta, and it used to be amazing! Their menu still says that they serve "fresh" gluten-free pasta upon request for an extra $3, but I was served boxed penne. When I asked why I wasn't served the fresh pasta, the waitress checked with the kitchen. The manager, who she claimed had been there "a long time," claimed that they had *never* served fresh gluten-free pasta. I know from my own experience that this is incorrect, but the older reviews about the fresh pasta here also demonstrate this! The waitress said that they couldn't possibly do fresh gluten-free pasta because they didn't have a dedicated gluten-free kitchen. However, I know that in the past, they took great care not to cross contaminate. Furthermore, many restaurants still offer gluten-free options while acknowledging that their kitchen is not a gluten-free environment. Also, when I ordered the GF items this time, no one bothered to ask whether or not cross-contamination was an issue. There were no notes or suggestions about which sauces were gluten-free, so I suspect that they don't bother attending to that. After raising the issue, my husband and I were still charged the extra $3 for the boxed pasta. We had movie reservations, so we didn't stick around to argue any more, but I think it's absurd to charge $3 extra for pasta that it takes significantly less effort to make. It's especially absurd to say that *fresh* gluten-free pasta is available on the menu when it is not! I hesitate to call this place "Celiac Friendly." I was not served gluten, at least, but they seem to have some major accommodation issues.