Review of Uncle Julio's

850 N. Milwaukee, Vernon Hills, IL 60061

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Unfortunately, Uncle Julio's is probably the worst place I've been to in regards to gluten. The waitress informed me that they're a "gluten friendly" restaurant. The manager came over and explained that "gluten friendly" means there's "only a little bit of gluten" in most of the menu items. For somebody who has optionally cut Gluten out of their diets for the purported health benefits, this would probably be ok. For somebody who CANNOT under any circumstances have gluten or risk being extremely sick, this is not acceptable. I was told I could have plain fajitas with no seasoning whatsoever, or carnitas tacos. I opted for the carnitas tacos with the corn tortillas because if I am going to eat a plain unseasoned chicken breast, I'm not going to pay an outrageous amount of money to do so. Within minutes of starting to eat lunch, I knew that there was either gluten in the food initially, or there were serious cross contamination issues. If you are avoiding gluten (like the plague as my doctor instructed me), absolutely do not eat here.

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Updated 3 years ago