Uncle Maddio's Pizza Joint

Review by Sarah

N Alafaya Trail, Florida 32828
4 months ago
Celiac friendly

Wow! So impressed! I told them gluten free crust and he immediately changed his gloves and asked me to come over to the allergy end of the counter. They have a completely separate gluten free surface and gluten free toppings. He didn't leave my pizza from start to finish so it was sure to be safe. I didn't even have to ask, he just did it. On top of that, the pizza was definitely one of the best GF pizzas I've ever had! I think I'm in love! Be sure to sign up for rewards, you get a free pizza when you do. Update: Went last night and even though I watched them pull every from the allergy counter, I got BBq sauce which came from the other end. Big mistake on my part. Definitely paying the price. Next time, only sauces from the allergy side.