Review of Uno Chicago Grill

f600, 8975 Marketplace Dr, Birch Run, MI 48415

Overall Rating


Called twice to ask questions and they were super helpful and very nice! They have an extensive separate menu for gluten free and other dietary requests all clearly labeled! Fries have wheat in them and no dedicated frier, pizza is gluten free and is premade in the am in a separate area with separate ingredients and wrapped up until you order it when it is baked.. I get pepperoni only and add green pepper and mushrooms but they said ordering something not on the menu as listed means they can’t guarantee it being gluten free but I went with it anyways and I’ve never been disappointed! The crust is amazing, seriously when I ate it I didn’t think it was gluten free and had my fiancé try it to make sure it was different than his haha it was, and it’s the best! herb rubbed chicken ok, baked chicken spinacoli is also super good! steak ok, burgers ok and have GF roll ok, roasted and steamed veggies ok, starter salad ok.... super good! FYI they get the crust from Venice Bakery in CA.

Celiac friendly?


Updated 10 months ago