Unrefined Bakery

Review by Megan

6464 Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75214
Not celiac
2 years ago

Love that it's a dedicated GF business so I don't have to be so paranoid. They also carry (many) items that are Paleo or Vegan. I tried the Vegan cinnamon rolls, and they were not the best cinnamon rolls I've ever tasted, but they were pretty good considering all the things that were NOT in the ingredients. They definitely satisfied a cinnamon craving. The employees were very helpful. I also tried their GF/DF cupcakes (chocolate with chocolate icing and vanilla with strawberry icing). The strawberry icing- wow. So good. The chocolate icing was nice and chocolatey. The cake portions were also good, but I could clearly taste the corn component used (not sure if it was flour or starch). It wasn't so much that it made me stop eating the cupcakes, but the flavor was definitely present. Still, I would eat here (and order cupcakes) again.