Review of Vegan Treats

1444 Linden Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018

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Celiac friendly?



DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE. Their so-called "gf" food sits under all the gluten stuff and the gluten crumbs get into it! They have no dedicated g luten-free space; all the food is prepared on the same counter and the bakers don't change their gloves. Also, when I asked the counter girl what all the ingredients in one of their cakes were, she said she wasn't sure. She went in the back to ask the bakers, and I heard them say they didn't know, but the girl came out and lied and said there was no tapioca in the cake (an ingredient that my wife is allergic to). My wife had to go to the hospital later because of the tapioca allergy! Also, a friend of mine that used to work there told me she quit because milk once got into their product somehow but they we gonna sell it anyway!

Updated 5 years ago