Review of Vivo Seasonal Trattoria

200 Columbus Blvd, Hartford, CT 06103

Overall Rating


If I could give zero stars here I would. My boyfriend & I went here during ConnectiCon for dinner. I asked the waitress if she could bring my allergy card to the back & see what the chefs could make that was gluten, dairy & apple free. When she came back, she stated that the chefs said they could make a gluten free pasta dish tossed in olive oil with shrimp or chicken, a vegetable of my choice with just a hint of lemon, salt, pepper & parsley; which I ordered. We waited 30min for our food & noticed the July fireworks (which we planned on watching) was going to start soon, so we asked for the food to go. Another 10min later they handed us two bags with our food. After the fireworks we went to eat & I opened my order...which was made with a red sauce & not at all what I ordered. As most red sauces have Parmesan cheese added I felt incredibly uncertain & uncomfortable eating my meal. Called the restaurant & the manager gave me attitude, being incredibly rude & asking me "why I wouldn't just take the risk & eat the meal since he 'guaranteed' there wouldn't be a problem & that there was no way he chefs could've made a mistake." I was so disgusted that when I brought the food back I demanded my money & the manager kept giving me a hard time. Grabbed my money & pretty much ran out of the restaurant I was so frustrated & angry by the whole situation. I highly recommend going ANYWHERE else to eat if you're in Hartford.

Updated 4 years ago