Review of West Egg Cafe

1100 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA 30318

Overall Rating


I had a great GF experience here. They offer breakfast all day but also have lunch and dinner items. Though they offer a GF menu, make sure to request to speak with a manager. I spoke with Sarah before visiting the cafe, and she reassured me that though they do not have separate untensils and cookware or cooking space for GF diners, they do follow a protocol of washing the cookware and untensils prior to preparing a GF order. Tell your waiter to mark Gluten Free at the top of your ticket, also. The 3 egg omelette with Swiss cheese and a side of potatos and onions hit the spot. My travel companion also ordered off the GF menu, enjoying every bite of the Pile Up, which contained 2 eggs, bacon, potatos, onion, and bell peppers. Coffee was excellent, as was the assortment of herbal teas. Being morning and having a busy day ahead of us, we passed on the selection of GF dessert options, which included a flourless chocolate cake and GF macaroons. I look forward to tasting them on my return visit! Also, it is worth noting that the cafe is in walking distants to Yeah Burger, Osteria de Figo, and Bachanalia, all of which offer safe GF opportunities worth exploring.

Updated 7 years ago