Wild Willy's Burgers

Review by Heather S

765 Us Route 1, York, ME
1 year ago

Just had to leave Wild Willys York Maine location without eating after being informed that they could not accommodate multiple simultaneous gluten free orders. The man taking orders was rude and actually said he "couldn't believe" that we legitimately needed 4 celiac orders at once. When I asked if he'd rather not serve us, he said "yes." So we left. Um, it's a genetic thing and we're all in the same family. I would not recommend attempting to eat here if you have more than one gf person in your party and even then I'd be prepared for some attitude. If you really can't or don't want to accommodate gluten free, don't advertise it. I have eaten here before without getting sick, but doubt I'll be back because I don't appreciate being called a liar about a medical condition I didn't choose.