Review of Windmill Cafe

21231 East Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Overall Rating


I really wanted to love this place... gave stars for the great vibes, service, decor, excellent Wild Women organic decaf latte, fruit smoothie, and delish bacon. AND we were so excited to find a cafe with GF waffles...but we were sadly disappointed. Their waffles and baked goods...oat bar, blueberry muffin, and coconut pineapple muffin...ALL had no flavor and were heavy in corn. Basically bland cornbread with some berries, chocolate, and coconut shavings thrown in. GF doesn't mean flavor-free. The waffle was heavy and soft because of the amount of butter and honey fixed it. I don't mind paying extra for GF but it should taste amazing. It's completely possible. We may be back for their coffee and bacon.

Updated 2 years ago