Review of Yard House

950 Providence Hwy, Dedham, MA 02026

Overall Rating


Please don't go here. I went last night and tried to first order the carnitas street tacos (from the gluten sensitive menu). A manager came over a few minutes after I ordered and said if I had celiac disease (which I do), I cannot eat them because the premixed onions are cooked in a shared fryer and can't be taken out. She said the only street taco I could eat was the blackened swordfish one, so I agreed to that and she assured me it was celiac safe and 100% gluten free. The food came and appeared to be GF. It did not taste terrific but I ate some of it. Within twenty minutes of eating I experienced severe gluten symptoms and was up ALL NIGHT severely ill. This was not a cross contamination issue -- this is the sickest I've ever been from gluten, so I think something in the food directly contained gluten. Please don't go here. I do not think the staff is properly trained and I do not think the restaurant understands the severity of celiac -- which is fine, but don't pretend that you can serve celiacs. Just tell me you don't feel comfortable serving me because it is not safe.

Updated 6 years ago