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3693 E Longwing Ln #140, Meridian, ID 83646

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Celiac friendly?



I live nearby and love The Village, so I have eaten here quite a few times. I always specify that I'm ordering from the gluten free menu and request dairy free as well. If I order the lettuce wrapped Beyond Burger I don't have any problems but they rarely get my order right if I order tacos. Yesterday my shrimp tacos were served to me on flour tortillas even though the server said she requested gluten free. When I asked another employee if the rice was gluten free he said "Yes, it should be" (that answer was a bit "iffy" for me). Luckily I am only gluten sensitive, not celiac, but if I was celiac I would not feel confident eating here. They did prepare a new meal for me and comp my meal but I'd rather have a safe meal in the first place.

Updated 5 months ago

Not celiac