Review of Yee's Restaurant

1131 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

Overall Rating


This place is known locally to be amazing. Judging from the clientele the night we were there, I think it's true, if you can eat gluten. We had just gotten to town and wanted amazing chinese food. I had my Triumph dining card in Chinese, and was glad I did. Our server studied the card very carefully. He totally got it. I don't think he'd every encountered a celiac in the restaurant before, though. But he did understand. And I had a safe meal. Unfortunately, it was one of those times when the chef just steamed the tofu and vegetables. He didn't season anything at all. They did have safe hot chili sauce on the table, and I had my GF travel soy sauces with me, so I made a little sauce for myself by combining those and mixing it into my food. So, I wouldn't choose to go there again, simply because the food was so boring. (I've had chefs in chinese restaurants love the challenge I present and cook me up some amazing stuff!) It was indeed safe, though.

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Updated 6 years ago