Review of Zoes Kitchen

1651 24th Ave NW, Norman, OK 73071

Overall Rating


I don't recommend this location any more. This use to be my #1 place to eat in Norman, OK. Today was the 4th time my meal has not been gluten free (allergy) this year. They use to get it right every time but this year they haven't been.

Today they brought my shrimp kabobs with pita chips. The server asked if she could just take them off & seemed upset when I asked her to remake my meal. It usually to takes 10 minutes to make a new order but today it only took 2 minutes.I was leary. By the 2nd bite I started getting asthma symptoms. Minutes later I started coughing & my throat started closing... I am ok but I won't eat here any more.

Celiac friendly?


Updated 1 year ago