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Asymptomatic Celiac

Will be in Honolulu near Waikiki for spring vacation, one traveler was recently diagnosed with celiac so any options around that area?

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    chris83632 Do what I did and Google gluten free Honolulu and visit the websites of the restaurants to see how many options they offer. I made a list of the ones near my hotel that had a variety of items and avoided the ones with limited options. It took some time but I had no issues during my 2 week stay. If you do any day long excursions that include stops for lunch, some of these tours stopped for lunch at places that had no gluten free options. Do your homework in advance before purchasing these excursions.

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    elena184768 Down in Waikiki there is a very good sushi restaurant called sansei and it is very good with celiac delicious fresh sushi and other hot meals like gf miso soup.

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