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Symptomatic Celiac

Is Wendy’s grilled chicken breast gluten free? I’ve gotten it on my salads there in the past but just saw something that it’s not gf. Anyone have a reaction to it before? Thanks!

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    Hadhoo22 Every time I even go near my siblings eating Wendy’s, I feel sick. The place is very cross contaminated because of all their other tools and food in their kitchen. If you have an allergy I don’t recommend

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    ruthimon Gluten free chicken can most reliably be gotten at starbird chicken

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    EvergreenEcho I have heard that the grilled chicken at Wendy’s is not GF.

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    karen_see14 I feel like I’ve heard that they use the same cutting board for cutting it for salads? I always avoid it

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    cookiesallmine The chicken is gluten free, however there is so much cross-contamination, it wouldn’t be worth it. Coming from an ex-Wendy’s employee.