Review of 54th Street Grill & Bar

5310 S Lindbergh Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63126

Overall Rating

Celiac friendly?



Our first experience was stellar. The manager came out and spoke to us and noted the celiac concern. The food was great and I felt very confident in coming back. However, tonight we came out and they served a gluten item with the gluten free fish. The waitress expressed concern and assured us she had spoken to the kitchen directly regarding our celiac. She also stated that she wouldn’t trust eating out if she had a major allergy, which she meant to be kind but struck me poorly. Then the manager came over and he didn’t seem overly concerned. He just stated we should have specifically said no rice despite us having ordered off the gluten free menus and stating we were celiac. We pointed out the item on the menu when we ordered and it says on the menu it is served without rice because of the gluten. Very upsetting experience. **I added a star because the manager came back a second time and gave us a $15 gift card. He then apologized and said they would try to fix the issue. As long as We don’t get ill, I’m willing to give them another try. But make sure to ask for the manager when you order. They might be able to track it better. ***Been back again and did a better job. Added another star. Made sure to talk to manager this time. I would still be cautious when you go and make sure you are clear on what you need. ***Update 6/2019, Again they messed up our whole meal despite strict instructions to the waitress. This kitchen just can’t get it together. I’m not super sensitive to being glutened, but even after they remade our food, I didn’t feel good after eating. For those that are sensitive, I’d avoid this place. Too bad, cause their food is good and close to the movie theatre.

Updated 8 months ago