Alamo Drafthouse

Review by sheila c

1120 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704
6 years ago

We visited the Slaughter location for the first time tonight. Upon arrival, I was impressed as they let me go look at the theater to decide where we wanted to sit and they took the time to go over the gluten free options with me and explained that the kitchen takes precautions when serving gluten free. Well, I ordered a burger without the bun and a side of chips and salsa, knowing that the fries aren't gluten free. They brought out a full order of chips and salsa which was more than I wanted (or wanted to pay for) but I let it go. Then, they brought out a burger without the bun but covered in fries. So I wrote a note to the server telling him I couldn't have the fries because I am gluten free. He promised to take care of it. So he took it back, they removed the fries and tried to reserve it to me. How do I know? Because there were still a couple of fries on my plate! So I wrote another note explaining that removing the fries doesn't mean the burger hasn't been contaminated. I asked them to just take it back and remove it from our ticket. Adding to the frustration, when they brought it out the second time, they had covered it with chips (which is what I originally asked for) but I removed the chips and added them to my chip basket so I could see the burger, not knowing they had sent out the same contaminated burger. So now, my chip basket was contaminated. So I couldn't eat that either. But the most frustrating part was how much it interrupted my movie experience having to deal with the kitchen so much. Honestly, after the movie, I expected someone to come over and talk to me but all I got was "sorry" written on the receipt. They took off the cost of the burger but that was it. Some of us are gluten free not by choice but because it actually makes us sick. I appreciate that you offer gluten free options, but after tonight's experience, I can't say your kitchen is well trained in these matters.