American Girl Bistro

Review by momtoaceliacprincess

2020 Chesterfield Mall, Chesterfield, MO 63017
2 years ago
Celiac friendly

This was our first time at this American Girl Bistro. We have been to the one in New York and many times to the Dallas location. The hostess was somewhat helpful in that she had a list and understood. However, compared to the other Bistros we have been to, the options are limited here. Apparently no one understands you can modify something to make it gluten free because no one higher up has explained it to them. The management at this Bistro definitely could go for some training at the Dallas Bistro. My husband and celiac daughter both ordered the penne with mushrooms and chicken which she said could be modified because they had gluten free pasta. My son could have a gluten free grilled cheese because they had gluten free panini bread but when I tried to order a gluten free turkey club they couldn't make it. I nicely tried to ask why they just didn't use the same bread as my son's GF grilled cheese. Their explanation was a club had 3 pieces of bread. Really! I just ordered the pasta also and moved on. Everything was ok. We have had some fantastic Gluten Free meals at other Bistros but today's was just ok. There isn't a lot of AG touches like the others like fruit cut in shapes etc. I thought the portions were smaller here and also you don't get the appetizer with your meal and it was actually like the same price we pay in Dallas where we get an appetizer each.