Review of Annie O Love's Cafe of Sweet Abundance

1901 Ashley River Rd, Charleston, SC 29407

Overall Rating


I went here a couple of times while visiting and tried a bunch of different items so here are my reviews of everything and what I recommend: Sandwiches: Mac Daddy Crispy Chicken, Sassy Grilled Cheese, Mama Lucia’s Pesto: all 3 sandwiches were absolutely amazing. The sandwiches are the star of the restaurant by far. All just so filling and delicious. Especially the MacDaddy butta. Absolute perfection. Waffles: I only got to try the Holy Trinity of Love and it was extremely good. The perfect amount of sweetness and the flavor of the banana bread waffle, peanut butter and chocolate was heavenly. Jars of Abundance: The jars are nice because you can try a lot of different desserts in one. They’re huge though. Definitely sharable. Don’t expect to eat much of one after a meal. Sweet Treats: The cookie doh truffles are so good. Definitely recommend. Cheesecake: I only know the cheesecake flavor from the Cookie Queen jar but to be honest it was not good. Probably the most disappointing thing I had. It was not smooth at all but had a grainy texture. The cream in the Strawberry Shortcake jar had the same grainy texture. Cold Delights: The Mad Mocha was like a milkshake. So rich and chocolate-y, highly recommend. Drinks: The Kool-Aid was incredible!! A must-try. Same with the lemonade. Cookies: This is probably a very unpopular opinion but I was not impressed by the cookies. You get a free mini chocolate chip cookie with a sandwich (and for being a mini it’s still pretty big). The cookie’s base was made out of quinoa and their granola, so once you’ve had one of their cookies you’ve basically had them all. They just have slightly different mix-ins. I also tried the Humble Hummingbird and Love Child. While both were big and soft, the flavors just weren’t very prevalent and it didn’t taste that much different from the chocolate chip.


Is ALL the food in this establishment gluten-free?

— All food and drinks are gluten-free

Quality & Quantity

How would you rate the taste and quality of the gluten-free food you tried?

— Excellent

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