Review of Arosso, A Touch of Sicily

530 Lincoln Hwy, Fairless Hills, PA 19030

Overall Rating


My entire family got food poisoning after eating seafood dishes there. We've been there before many months ago and I immediately noticed the cheapening that has taken place since. From watered down soap in the bathroom to turned off lights to no paper towels in the dispenser to a freezing cold dining room to tiny/cheap paper napkins to only having 2 servers for the entire restaurant to minuscule quantities of seafood in the "seafood" dishes to no longer permitting tips to be charged on credit card (can charge the meal but tips now required to be in cash). The prices are certainly not cheap, but they seem to treat things as if they were running a fast food restaurant. If they're being that cheap with the obvious things, how are they running the behind the scenes things in the kitchen? Are they keeping the cold storage at higher temperatures? Are they serving seafood that isn't fresh? Have they switched to cheaper food distributors? Is cleanliness in the food prep areas no longer a priority? My entire family got food poisoning there and spent the night throwing up. Shame on you Arosso.

Updated 7 years ago