Review by Tara

6005 Brookvale Ln, Knoxville, TN 37919
Not celiac
3 months ago


Celiac friendly?



I would love to give this restaurant 5 stars and as far as food ratings go, it was wonderful (hickory chicken, cheddar burger, Cajun chicken sandwich)! Our service was not wonderful. From the minute I told the waiter my boyfriend and I were gf and that my boyfriend is actually celiac I felt like he was irritated. He almost rolled his eyes in annoyance. He was never kind after that. He barely made eye contact when coming to our table, did not bring out our food and then asked how the food was before my boyfriend had even taken a bite and got huffy and asked again as if we were ignoring him when we couldn’t give an answer-we hadn’t eaten anything yet, never offered refills, tried to take my plate before I had even touched part of it, and then refused to pick up our plates from in front of us when they were empty, instead standing there like he had T-Rex arms waiting for us to hand him all the dishes. I had even put my plate at the end of the table so he could reach it. We were so frustrated and could not understand his rude behavior. Even his thank you when he took our money was said after he was walking away without even turning his head to look at us. So, food was 5 stars but service...yikes :-(