Review of Azul Latin Kitchen

1001 Heavenly Village Way, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Overall Rating


9/1/19 update: food is always delicious, I get the shrimp fajitas. Have never gotten sick. My new favorite drink is their gf frozen Tito’s lemonade. Amazing! Highly recommend!

1/28/18 update: You need to make sure you get the right corn tortilla. In addition to a flour tortilla (gluten), they have two corn tortillas: one is a hybrid of corn and wheat (contains gluten) and the other is 100% corn and gluten free. The unsafe hybrid is more yellowish-orange-ish while the safe gluten free one is lighter in color (more towards white). The Manager is going to order gluten free stickers to mark the outside tinfoil of the 100% gluten free one at our suggestion so no mix-ups happen. If you don't tell them you have an allergy/celiac/intolerance, they will automatically give you the hybrid one with wheat. So, saying "corn torilla" is not enough.---------------We had an excellent experience here! My son and I ordered the fajitas and told them we couldn't have anything cooked on the grill or that came in contact with gluten or dairy. They assured us they took these things very serious and that they would be very careful. They said they would substitute corn tortillas for the flour and that they would cook them in tinfoil on the grill (and the fajitas were cooked in a separate skillet that they brought to the table). The fajitas were delicious and so was the rice and black beans and the portions were very large. This was a definite treat for us! We are super sensitive and did not get sick. We will definitely be returning!! They had a 2-sided menu; gluten free on one side and dairy free on the other side. They helped us pick something that would work for GF and DF. Very impressed with this restaurant and it's close to our house so we can't wait to return!

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