Review of Bamboo Sushi

2675 NE University Village St, Seattle, WA 98105

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Amazingly delicious and creative food, and you can feel safe eating here for sure. Our waiter was very comfortable discussing gluten intolerance and told us that only two things on the menu contain gluten: a burger entree (the bun, which can be substituted), and a steamed bun appetizer. The fryer is safe so you can order delicious tempura. ALL sauces they use or prepare for the sushi rolls or other entrees are gluten free. Our server even came back to give us some unique information about the Inari Nigiri (the tofu pocket around a rice roll), which we had ordered. He said at another sushi restaurant where he had worked, the tofu is pre-marinated in a ponzu/soy sauce that contained wheat. He checked with the chef at Bamboo to confirm their Inari is truly gluten free. Wow! Thank you to Bamboo Sushi for doing this - I only wish more Asian restaurants would get on board and source their soy sauce ingredients to eliminate the gluten! You may also be pleasantly surprised here if you are looking for a great vegetarian meal - their vegetarian/vegan rolls are very good, not to mention the veggie tempura.

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Updated 2 years ago