Review by katy

7600 Dr Phillips Blvd #28, Orlando, FL 32819
2 months ago
Celiac friendly

This place is amazing! The food is delicious and it has a lovely atmosphere. I really would give it a 5 star on any other site. But, this is a review on a Gluten free site and to be honest there was a possibility of a mishap, if we were not as persistent as we were, about the food brought to the table. My daughter is the one with Celiac and she also has an egg allergy. They had multiple choices for her which was fantastic. We never go out to eat because of cross-contamination, but I felt safe trying this place because they really only had three items on the menu that could possibly contaminate her food. The waitress was amazing and very knowledgeable. Unfortunately, since it was our first time there we didn't realize it was family style ordering. When the food was brought out by someone other than our server we had to ask her multiple times which was the Celiac egg free dishes. She was nonchalant about it which bothered me. So, we gave my daughter the food the server handed to us for her. I went with my gut and told my daughter to wait a minute and we would find out for sure from our waitress if it was safe. The waitress pulled it up quickly and the manager came out with our daughter's food. Nobody had mentioned that the manager would deliver her food. As with any other restaurant you have to really watch out. But like I said earlier this is a gluten-free site and I'm writing it as a gluten-free review. We will definitely go back again sometime, but having that extra bit of knowledge really does help.