Bazin's on Church

Review by gfarounddc

111 Church St NW, Vienna, VA 22180
3 years ago


This is a nice restaurant with good ambiance, but we did not have the best experience on a busy Saturday night. We made a reservation a month in advance and mentioned it was my birthday but somehow still were seated at one of the worst tables in the restaurant. The service was slow and it was hard to get answers about whether any of the specials were gluten-free. Because it was my birthday, I was really looking forward to eating at a restaurant where I didn't have to worry, but unfortunately I don't think they're quite there yet. One of the dishes marked gluten-free on the menu came with french fries, and out of habit I asked whether they were cooked in a separate fryer. I was extremely surprised to find out that they were not, and they were not safe for someone with celiac to eat. I expect most restaurants not to understand, but in a restaurant where the chef has celiac, I thought that anything marked gluten-free would be safe. I'm still giving them four stars, because it's a good, local place and the experience was no worse than an average restaurant with a gluten-free menu that's not actually completely safe. But take care and ask questions when you go.