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12690 International Drive South, Orlando, FL 32821

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After asking numerous questions and indicating the seriousness of my need for gf, I was told anything on the menu could be modified to be gf. I ordered sushi roll that I had ordered and safely eaten from many other restaurants. I was then told I couldn't have that bc the cream cheese want gf. In 8 yrs of eating gf, I have never encountered cream cheese that contained gluten but our server insisted repeatedly the cream cheese was not gf so I ordered something different - spicy hibachi chicken which I was assured would be gf. The dish was served, I took 3 bites and our server and another server came over and told me there was a "little" problem. I said "Please tell me this does not have gluten in it?" "No, no, it's gluten free but the chili sauce is not gluten free so you mustn't eat that. You need something different." Long story short, they took the dish away, served me plain chicken and vegetables and gf chicken fried rice. At 4 a.m. I woke up with terrible stomach pain, a horrible headache and other gluten induced symptoms I won't share here. To make matters worse, the rest of my family's meals were served one plate at a time with a lengthy interval between their meat entrees and their rice which they would have preferred to eat at the same time. Everyone pretty much ate separately and their entrees were cold before their rice ever arrived. At the end of the night, my meal was discounted from the bill and we still spent $100 for a very bad experience. Entree portions are also quite small. I would not recommend eating here.

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Updated 5 years ago