Review of Benihana

47 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

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Amazing hibachi food! Could not say enough good things about them! We went for my best friends birthday and I was the only Celiac in the party so of course had to ask my usual hundred questions about how my food would be prepared etc. I was told they have gluten free soy sauce (which was amazing) and that if my “allergy” was severe that they would make my food in a separate area in the kitchen, instead of on the hibachi grill with everyone else’s, which I was completely fine with. I ordered he hibachi steak with chicken fried rice. The guy then came over to start making everyone’s food and told me he would make mine as well which made me nervous and I mentioned about cooking it separate in the kitchen, and he told me not to worry. I was definitely worried and watching his every move. However, he was extremely knowledgeable. He made my rice and steak first and then made everyone else’s rice and meat. They use a garlic butter in their rice that has soy sauce so it is not gluten free! He just put regular butter in my rice and of course the gluten free soy sauce. They were great and I felt very comfortable after I saw how knowledgeable they were.

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Updated 2 years ago