Review of Benihana

47 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

Overall Rating


I’m giving this place four stars because although they were knowledgeable about the gluten issue, they started cooking and were about to put regular soy sauce after I explained I had an allergy, and nodded to me saying “are you okay with this” and I said no, so they ended up using gluten free soy sauce for everyone (even for people not in our party). Everything was going alright until they put noodles on the grill... I’m not absolutely sure if the noodles are gf but I don’t think they are. Luckily my food did not touch where the noodles were (I kept a close eye to make sure) otherwise I would have been very sick. The salad that comes with the meal also has dressing that has gluten in it, so they brought vinegar out instead. The soup is not gf. Food wasn’t that tasty... but it is filling. They do have many options for gf people.

Updated 1 year ago