Review of BJ's Brewhouse

6401 Bluebonnet Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70836

Overall Rating


Upon returning to Baton Rouge after living in Knoxville for 7 years, I was excited to find a brewhouse with a gluten free menu. After arriving, I was dissapointed that the beer was Redbridge in a bottle...they didn't even offer me a glass with it. The waiter knew absolutely nothing about the gluten free menu options and I had to ask twice for a menu. We waited 30 minutes to get our drinks there and my beer wasn't cold. The gluten free pizza was good, but pricey because I had to pay for each topping separately. After dinner, the waiter brought us our check without asking if we wanted dessert, and we had to wait 15 minutes to find him again and tell him. The pizzookie was RAW and disgusting. I couldn't even eat it. They didn't offer any apologies. He brought us the check again and walked away so we never got the coffee that we wanted. We questioned the waiter about this and all he could say was that it was company policy to bring the check out early to keep the people moving. All in all, we were there for 2 1/2 hours with all the waiting-boy that's really keeping them moving! I NEVER write reviews-EVER but this place was the worst. I will never return there again.

Updated 8 years ago