Review of Blaze Pizza

26401 Novi Rd, Novi, MI 48375

Overall Rating


There is no way in hell this Blaze pizza location is gluten free. My wife is very gluten intolerant, we visit the other local Blaze location in Auburn Hills often and she never has a problem ordering GF pizza crust with staff glove changes. We walked into this location in Novi with the hope that we would have a similar experience, but no - absolutely not. There is obviously a management problem. The place was a mess, prep food thrown everywhere around the counter. I swear, if bloodhound dogs were preparing the pizzas the counter would have been better than what we saw. The bathrooms were destroyed.

If your ok with eating in a less than clean environment, by all means. However, if you require GF crust then this place is not for you. When my wife asked for GF dough, they stared at her as it were a total problem and shocked that someone would ask for it.

Stay away for GF pizza, better luck at Buddy’s up the road.

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Updated 2 years ago