Blaze Pizza

Review by Paul

43831 Pacific Commons Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94538
3 weeks ago

It seems they've recently started taking gluten free preparation more seriously as part of their training, but it still depends on who you get assembling your pizza. Make sure to insist they use a different tub of sauce and a different ladle to pour/spread it. The same goes for any ingredients that need to be added with a utensil - that utensil needs to be dedicated gluten free. Also, watch your pizza in the oven closely. Some of the employees will let you know if your pizza slid off the plate they use to prevent cross-contamination, and will offer to re-make your pizza. Some won't. You can get good gluten free pizza out of this place, you just need to be attentive and assertive. However, remember to also be polite and understanding - you're representing the rest of this community.