Blaze Pizza

Review by Caitlin

1475 Western Ave, Albany, NY 12203
Not celiac
1 year ago

This place has gluten free pizza and several gluten and dairy free topping options, including vegan cheese and buffalo sauce drizzle! You can request a glove change which will make any employee touching your pizza change their gloves before handling it. For GF/DF pizzas they also use a mat under the pizza in the shared oven to minimize contamination. Also, if you are both gluten and dairy free like myself, be sure to ask for a clean cutter from the kitchen. They have dedicated gluten free and vegan cutters at hand, but not one that covers both. That said, the pizzas are prepared on a shared counter and in a shared oven, so I would hesitate to recommend Blaze for Celiacs (hence the four stars). I have never personally had a reaction here, but mine is an allergy, not Celiacs, and I don't usually have too much of a reaction to cross-contamination.