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650-2339 BC-97, Kelowna, BC V1X 4H9, Canada

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I went for lunch this afternoon after trying a gf pizza at the Penticton location and enjoying it. They don't have a specific gluten free menu, however their regular menu has a blue G next to "gluten aware" items. For instance, wings, because they are baked instead of fried (there is no dedicated fryer). The options are a little limited but they make the effort which is nice. The server was very attentive to all of my questions (because im recently diagnosed in the last 6 months so im terrified of getting glutoned). After googling the buns they use I felt good in ordering a burger. The server informs me that the patties go into the same oven that pizzas go into so I asked if there was any way of just cooking it in a frying pan. She went to check and the manager came out to assist instead. She explained their cooking practices with celiac orders. They wash their hands and surfaces and take every precaution, however that they could never say with absolute certainty that after their best efforts that there wouldnt be contamination. I decided that after having had a gf pizza at another location before that would have been in the same oven as non gluten free, that it would probably be ok. So i took the risk. Both the server and the manager were absolutely lovely and didnt make me feel like a burden at all (which i always feel like being new to it all. I would just rather be safe than sorry). I also got a ceasar salad because i couldnt have fries. I was very impressed with the meal when it came out. The burger was of course a little smaller than usual due to the small gf bun.. which we're all used to the tiny breads we have to buy.. but overall it all tasted great and i'm feeling pretty good after. So i would definitely recommend boston pizza, especially this location because of just how friendly and respectfully they approached everything. The only reason i didnt give 5 stars is because i wish there were more options on the menu that dont require the use of the oven. Unless they had a gluten free oven, and of course, a dedicated fryer would be nice!

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