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180 Rimrock Rd, Toronto, ON M3J 3A6, Canada

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My husband called ahead and spoke to a greeter who did not know what gluten free meant. He asked to be transferred to a manager who shared they had gluten free options but cannot control what happens in the factory. Otherwise, she said their food was "celiac safe" because they can control how they handle the food in the kitchen. We eat food with labels that have 0 gluten ingredients but is not label "gluten free" so we were OK with that explanation because it is usually safe to eat.We arrived at the restaurant and ordered food. The manager came out to warn my husband that his sauces have the "may contain wheat" warning. This is different than what was said on the phone call: this is a risk for cross contamination and IS NOT celiac friendly. What is the point of their "GlutenWise" pizza menu if we are supposed to eat plain GF bread? When we shared that we spoke to a manager, he said that was impossible because he was the manager. Thus: 1) someone impersonated a manager and 2) lied about their food. We did not stay.

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