Bowl'd BBQ Korean Stone Grill

Review by Dani

2201 S Shore Center, Alameda, CA 94501
1 year ago

So the food was decent. The hot bowl was good, and the rice rolls were not! Service was not good. Place was empty and the staff was still unfriendly, eating lunch, and looked like they didn’t want to be bothered. When they came to the table they super rushed you! Literally 2 tables when we came in. One other walked out Because of bad service. They were obviously playing Pandora with all the swear words. I had my two kids and it was f bomb city on the radio. Good thing my kids know not to talk that way. They could actually have something special if they got their act together. The price was way too much for the quality. Probably won’t be back. They were gluten knowledgeable but....doesn’t make up for the short comings. I’m the type of person to leave stellar reviews too....sad 😩