Review of Bunnie Cakes

2322 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137

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I've been to Bunnie Cakes a number of times, bought birthday cakes from them and their adorable cupcakes, all with no negative experience previously. Yesterday, it was a bad experience. First the service was terrible. We ordered sandwiches and they took 40 minutes to make two small sandwiches, one of which was GF and the other (my husband's) which was just vegan. My son ordered their already-prepared GF cheese balls. My son and I followed up with a couple of GF cupcakes. But a hour later, my son and I (who had eaten totally different lunch items and different cupcakes) both felt ill. It was the only meal we'd had outside our home for more than a day. I'm hoping it's a fluke because this was previously the only reliable GF-offering bakery near me. But they do have a gluten containing side in the bakeshop. I think they currently have a contamination issue. Approach with caution.

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Updated 8 years ago