Review of Burtons Grill

94 Derby St #279, Hingham, MA 02043

Overall Rating


I had previously reviewed this location and given it five stars based on multiple visits all with great food and service as well as super safe for celiacs. Unfortunately my last visit was a totally different experience. When we ordered appetizers the server told me that I could eat the spring rolls even though they would not be on a square plate because almost everything the restaurant makes is naturally gluten free. I told the server that the spring rolls are not gluten free. Luckily I knew that but another patron might not have known. The three of us ordered the haddock with the crab topping. Mine was ordered gluten free and served to me on a square plate by the server. All the meals looked the same although the other two were not gluten free and the topping was not gluten free. I do not know if the wrong fish may have been put on my plate or if mine was just not made gluten free. I also had calamari and pumpkin brûlée both of which I was told are gluten free no matter who orders it. Based on how sick I got I don't believe it was a case of cross contamination. I feel like I was served gluten. I did talk to a couple Managers last week but they were not able to determine what happened. I know we always take a chance when we go out to eat but I had always considered this place to be my safe place. It was my favorite restaurant and we would drive an hour so I could eat here. I have not eaten out since and right now I am reluctant to do so. This is a restaurant that I know does take allergies seriously but they definitely had an off night the night I visited.

Updated 3 years ago