Review of Cafe Gratitude Venice

512 Rose Avenue, Venice, CA 90291

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Café Gratitude started in the bay area, and started up their second southern California location in Venice. They have a very friendly and spiritual vibe, where your server asks you a very thought-provoking question of the day. They offer a traditional eat-in restaurant experience, although they also have a convenient to-go area on the side. Their restaurant is entirely vegan and mostly organic, and they accommodate most allergy restricted diets. However, since most of their dishes contain nuts, they advise against dining with them if you have severe nut allergies.

My favorite dishes are "I am Comforted" as a starter (baked sweet potatoes), "I am Mahalo" (Hawaiian pizza) or "I am Fulfilled" (large salad) for my entrées, and "I am Irresistable" (chocolate and coconut pie) for dessert. Their "I am Grace" smoothie is wonderful too.

They claim that all of their menu items are gluten free with the exception of their breads. I did call to verify that all of the soy sauces they use are gluten free too. (Some raw vegan places like to use Nama Shoyu, which is not gluten free, but they assured me that they used a wheat free tamari sauce.)

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