Review of Chipotle

247 Rainbow Dr., Silverthorne, CO 80498

Overall Rating


Chipotle had become my go-to fast food restaurant, but this particular location was horrible. As I do at all chipotles, I told the first person on the line that I have celiac and asked that he change his gloves and clean the line. He was clearly annoyed. He got to the cheese and I asked him to get fresh cheese because they pick cheese out with gloves that have touched flour tortillas. Again he was annoyed. He then asked if I wanted lettuce, I said yes and before I could say anything he picked lettuce from the cross-contaminated container. I explained that the lettuce he put on was surely contaminated and he looked at me disgusted and asked, "so you want me to throw it out and start over?" Indicating that he thought that was asking too much. I told him not to bother and started to walk out. I turned around and asked for a manager. She said, "we can make you another one." No one ever once apologized. They made me feel unwanted from the start. I won't be back.i would have rated it zero but you have to rate at least 1

Updated 6 years ago