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Last night, through Uber eats, I ordered from Co. I ordered from the gluten free section and added a note saying everything must be gluten free (I have celiac). I received my order and noticed that only one item was labeled gluten free. I called the restaurant and they assured me that everything was gluten free, despite the lack of labeling. I opened a box and saw a fried pork spring roll. I called the restaurant back and explained that my order clearly was not gluten free; they apologized and said they would send me new food. Cool. Easy solution. An hour and 15 minutes passed (over two hours from my initial order) and I still hadn't received my food. I called Co and they said that they had just been waiting on a driver. At this point it was almost 10 PM, so I opted to cancel my order because it was late and undoubtedly my food was cold from sitting there for so long. An unfortunate situation, but these things happen.

Today, I still wanted Co. I ordered again through the Uber Eats app, but I wanted to do my due diligence. I called Co and explained the situation from last night and that I had just placed an order and wanted to ensure that it would all be gluten free. Of course, they assured me that it would be. I received my order and opened the container to find a fried edamame spring roll on top of my food. Immediately I called Co. The woman I spoke with assured me that it was gluten free and fried in a rice paper wrapper in its own fryer. I was still skeptical and asked her to double check. She "checked with the chef" (I assure you, she did not) and again stated that it was different from the pork spring roll given to me last night and was 100% gluten free. So, I ate it. But I didn't feel great about the situation and was starting to physically not feel well, so I called other Co locations. Every location unfortunately confirmed what I suspected. These spring rolls have a dough wrapper, they are not gluten free, etc. I then called Atlanta's Co back and the person who answered this time had the decency to be honest with me and also confirmed that the spring roll I had eaten was not gluten free. I will be sick for the next several days, if not longer. I am horrified that any restaurant conducts itself in this manner. No amount of due diligence will keep you safe if you eat at Co.

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Updated 1 year ago