Review of Company Cafe

2104 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

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First of all, company cafe is one of my favorite places to eat because the atmosphere is awesome and they have incredibly gluten free dishes. I have loved every single thing I have ordered. Coming back from a long trip, last night, my husband and I decided to order dinner from there on UberEats. (Whoever’s idea it was to open up for dinner delivery is a genius). We both ordered the French dip sandwich with fries- one with gluten free bun, one with the regular bun. It was a quick delivery which was awesome, but when we opened the boxes, there was no indication of which was GF. When I called, the sweetheart on the other line (maybe a manager?) apologized and said there was a mix up and both were regular and immediately offered to deliver a new order to us (with new fries because she already realized they would be contaminated). Y’all, I almost cried. When she got here, she apologized again and said there was a free slice of cake in there for my troubles. Not only was the sandwich incredible, but it was hot! And the cake (and surprise cookies) were also amazing! THANK YOU SO MUCH Company Cafe! We will be customers FOR LIFE!!

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Updated 2 years ago