Review by Kitty

10940 S Eastern Ave, Henderson, NV 89052
2 years ago


If you want bad service, come here. They ignored my daughter and I. The place was pretty empty and there were 3 people on the floor. There were more workers than customers! We both sat at our table forever waiting for someone to greet us. I finally got the waitress's attention and she rudely asked "looks like you're ready to order??" Then waitress screwed up on my daughter's order and blamed me for not making it clear on what I ordered. She's rude and disgusting in front of my daughter. Never once apologized! She was lucky my daughter was there. Being a confrontational person that I am, I had to keep my cool in front of my little girl. Finally, a customer (police officer) noticed the behavior and ended up buying our lunch. She was sitting quietly from the corner of the restaurant and watched what was going on. Sad how it got customers attention on how big of a bitch this waitress was. We both thanked the officer, and gave our blessings. CraftKitchen can do a better job hiring good people. Just because people having certain allergies doesn't given them the ok to treat them like crap. Especially to a little girl that have special needs.