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Some gluten free options. Very delicious, but kind of weird. I ordered the spaghetti because I really wanted a good tomato sauce, and I received a backwards land dish which was green pesto sauce with round pasta loops. The waitress assured me this was spaghetti. Huh? Also the serving was quite small and left me hungry, not sure if that was because it was a gluten-free serving? I saw other people with pasta and they looked like they got bigger mounds. On the plus side, when I ordered I forgot to specify gluten-free, and the waitress double checked with me to make sure, so that's good diligence! And the pasta itself was quite tasty - good for GF. But overall I left kinda underwhelmed, and underfed.

*update* Also, I think it had a lot of cream in it, because I have lactose intolerance too, and I've now got a really unhappy stomach. I can handle a bit of Parmesan, but please, when I order spaghetti which is traditionally tomato-based, please don't give me a cream-filled pesto dish!

I haven't changed the score because I'm trying to score relevant to gluten, but I thought some of you might need this info.

Updated 3 years ago

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