Egg Harbor Cafe

Review by rbax

5920 Roswell Road Northeast, Sandy Springs, GA 30328
1 year ago
Celiac friendly

Ok, so first of all I would DEFINITELY come back and this is one of the best options I have seen for someone looking for a decent GF AND DF breakfast! I really appreciated that there was oat milk for my coffee and I could have the potatoes (usually a no go) and the bacon! My (not allergic to anything) husband had a delicious hearty breakfast. There were, however, a couple of snafus. I ordered the grits after my server assured me they were DF, and although they caught the mistake in the kitchen, my husband’s food came and he ate breakfast as I waited for my replacement meal. Snafu #2-we were charged for all three meals and had to wait around for that to get straightened out. Also, I bought a mug that was chipped and had to exchange it. Everyone was super nice and friendly. Our waiter was genuinely upset at his mistake. Having said that, I’m in customer service and really surprised they didn’t comp the meal or at least the mug. We didn’t kick up a fuss though. Anyhow, options for a GF/DF breakfast are so slim I appreciate any restaurant that goes the extra mile to offer it.