El Chico

Review by Amber Zakula

1701 E Central Texas Expy, Killeen, TX 76541
2 years ago

Called ahead to see if my Killeen TX location had a GF menu. The reply was yes. My husband and I headed on over. When we came in we asked for one regular menu and one GF menu. She said oh okay, ummm hold on I'll have to check. We were left standing there, then she peaked around the corner and said come on, we were sat with NO menus. The servers didn't know who's table we were. After 2 servers (who ended up not being our actual server) came to tend to us and we finally had regular menus I asked again about the GF menu. She said she needed to go ask the manager. So she left and he came with a binder. Apparently, "the company opted to away with the GF menu since people who eat already know what they can and can't eat. So you just order what is reasonable and then we tweak things accordingly. Like the rice is made with soy sauce so we substitute vegetables for it." I said okay, so your seasoning doesn't contain wheat? He barely glanced at his binder and said No it doesn't. I said, "Is that the allergy list, can I just look at that since you don't have a menu." He replied, "No, that's not allowed, it's kinda for our eyes only. I'm sorry" I ended up having to search for GF listing for is on a 3rd party cite. Ended up getting fajitas just to safe- how boring! The service was TERRIBLE She didn't substitute my rice for vegetables, didn't refill salsa/ chips, NEVER checked on us unless she was bringing something we ordered or the bill, my husband had to get up and ask a different server for assistance b/c our server was in the kitchen the ENTIRE time, also didn't bring me my box I asked for. Even had someone else to drop the check off. She had 1 other table besides us, that came 1/2 way through; when we were done her 3rd table came. She was not double sat. The man that gave extra assistance was double sat. There were 3 servers on staff 1 manager/bar.