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1310 Celebrity Cir, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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Tonight I walked in the restaurant after seeing such awesome reviews and spoke with the manager who kindly explained how they take all the right precautions to prevent CC. Feeling comfortable, I ordered the Pandora’s Box and then told the waitress I had Celiac. When the pizza was brought out, I tested it with my Nima which came back gluten found. Of course, there is always a risk when ordering out, ESPECIALLY with pizza due to the ovens, airborne flour, etc.. but it was the attitude of the company that left a bad taste in my mouth. The manager came back out and I could tell she was already annoyed. She basically said that the kitchen took all the precautions and started speaking over me when I politely tried to give input as to maybe what could be causing this (I mentioned spice blends in tomato sauce, cheese bin that’s shared between gluten and GF pizzas, etc), she continued to cut me off, ignore my questions and insisted that they had done everything 100% right and that ‘everyone else that had come in with Celiac was very happy with their meal’.. I said that I really did appreciate their efforts but even with precautions taken, sometimes these things unfortunately happen. We all know that even the best of restaurants can have off nights... She then cut me off again to ask if I wanted to eat the pizza and when I said no, she took the pizza and walked away. We were stunned. All we hoped for was an apology, but we never even offered an one. Off night or not, there is no excuse to be blatantly rude to a customer. Especially about something so serious. Be cautious when eating here!

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Updated 1 year ago