Review of Extreme Pizza

407 Mandalay Ave, Clearwater, FL 33767

Overall Rating


Really good pizza! I watched the pizza come out of the oven on a tray, picked up with a separate metal pizza paddle stored up on a higher shelf, and they used a separate red handled pizza cutter. I was there when it was pretty busy and I still would be 99.5% confident it’s celiac safe (I don’t give 100% to anywhere that has gluten in the same room). I wasn’t thrilled my plate sat next to other glutenous people’s on finished station. Wish they put it up on a shelf while waiting for the rest of the order or brought it right out. Still I usually don’t get to watch this closely and I was still very confident I wouldn’t get sick. Got the screaming tomato with sauce and glaze it was really tasty. A little soggy but that happens with tomato and fresh mozzarella. Not an udi’s crust. A little thicker than that but still a thin crust. I’d go back! Easy, safe, and tasty!

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Updated 1 year ago