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My family and I recently came into Finz for dinner on Monday night. Our one year old baby has celiac so we naturally asked for a gluten free menu. When the food comes out, there is a package of Joseph's pita bread on the plate, which touched everything on the hummus plate. Not only did we receive assurance that everything was gluten free but when we asked the waitress if she could get the chef to come speak to us, she told us that the chef was too busy. This was after she promised us that the entire dish was gluten free. Luckily we asked her to check with the chef. Mind you there were not one other customer in the dining area besides us and we made it a specific point to order the gluten free menu. This was also after one of your waitresses said the chowder was gluten free because it had bacon in it (really?!?) You need not offer a gluten free menu if you do not have the staff with the proper knowledge of the consequences that this could cause someone. Simply stating that you have a gluten free menu does not mean that you can tell folks that you have a gluten free menu.

Your wait staff need not answer questions that they do not know the answer to. You also need to educate yourselves on cross contamination and what "gluten-free" actually means.

Please remove the gluten free menu from your establishment until you educate yourselves what it means to be gluten free.

I will ensure that I post this on your yelp page and other gluten free websites.

Disappointed, Tom

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